Thursday, February 19, 2009

the end is in sight!

He's almost there!! After four weeks of intense test taking and water survival training he is almost done!! Just one more test tomorrow and B will be a free man...well, sort of.

He will at least be done with the test taking-late-night studying-getting no sleep-living off caffeine- portion of the training!

And that is still plenty reason for us to lift up our hands and praise Jesus!! Believe me, after tomorrow we will be jumping up and down with sheer delight for a weekend free from studying!

B has done very well in his training so far and has not failed a test/event yet. I am so proud of him and he will tell you that its all the Lord's grace!

He will still be in training for the next two weeks, but he is done with academics for the remainder of his time.

Of course, he will be dragged by a helicopter thru water and turned upside down in a helo (I think thats short for helicopter) dunker under water and will have to escape- but hey, piece of cake, right?

I'm sure I will get to update you all on how that goes within the next couple of weeks :)

I wish they would let me tag a long and watch, but I guess its classified or something.