Wednesday, February 4, 2009

update on b :)

I wanted to give you guys an update on life in the military and training here in P'cola.

B is in the middle of his second week of training. His day consists of water survival swimming in the mornings and lectures on weather or aerodynamics in the afternoon- and then coming home to eat and study for his weekly tests.

He passed his first test on Monday, and has another one tomorrow on weather. Please pray for him in this and in his swimming! It is very intense and he has swim tests almost everyday, where they constantly add on new challenges to overcome in the water.
He will have about two tests a week over lots and lots of smarty pants flyer information.

He is a good little student and is on the couch right now studying away! We are going to take a break later to watch lost and eat homeade ice cream with some friends :)

We got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift and are going to try it out for the first time tonight. So that should offer a good study break for him and hopefully some good fellowship w/ sweet friends.

Oohhh aaaand B's birthday is in 5 days!! I have a little surprise or two for them, but you can't know yet b/c you might tell him! and that would be bad! He will be 23 so make sure to call him on his b-day to say hi! I can't promise he will answer, but I know he will be encouraged just to know that he was thought of. He is always encouraged when I tell him people are praying for him.

Thank you for your faithful friendships!

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