Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend was nice & relaxing, Ben and I took dinner to a guy in his squadron who is med-down & has no wifey-poo to take care of him...conveniently a few of his buddies were over at his house just in time to get in on some of the meal :)

Then, Ben got to go see Tranformers II w/ a friend from church, while his wife and I stayed home & watched Princess Protection Program on the Disney Channel! (yes we stayed in on a perfectly good Friday night to watch it, no shame)... and topped it off w/ some blueberry cobbler (from my 2 gallons of hand-picked blueberries)! It was fun, corny & relaxing all at the same time.

YAY for Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez & crazy morfing robot cars.

Right now, Ben has a friend from his squadron over & they are studying for their first big instruments test tomorrow...they are quizzing each other w/ a bunch of acronyms and knots and numbers that I don't even pretend to understand.

But, I have been able to be a good study buddy to Ben lately...sometimes I even quiz him. See, you probably don't know what a Spin is in airplane terms. But I do.
And I know what a 1/2 cuban eight is.

Yes, I know...I am impressive.

But, anyway, I am also being a good little study buddy by actually studying w/ him now! I am starting some preliminary courses for nursing in the fall & have a couple of entrance exams to take that I am able to study for now.

It feels good to be using my mind intellectually again...I love it. Didn't think I'd ever say that, but its true...I like studying.

I know, I am weird. But calculators & sharpening pencils just gets me excited!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

brother bear

Our time with Austin was really fun! I was so glad that he came to visit us for an extended weekend...miss that boy already. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because, of course, my camera died the first time I took it out to take pictures, so here is a written synopsis...

He spoiled Ben with oreos, rootbeer, doritos & candy, went with us to the beach, to dinner & played games w/ us and our friends. We got to give him a tour of the base & he even got to see Ben's squadron and the hanger w/ some of the planes in it. He felt a little bit illegal being on base, but I reassured him that it would be ok :)

We had a fun time just relaxing, talking, and playing games & racquetball. Dad was so sweet to send him to us on Father's day weekend...we both missed being home with our dad this year!

After he left, I finally buckled down and decided to get my hair cut in Pensacola. Last time, I waited until we went home for Christmas to get my hair cut, but it was getting a little unruly and I really needed to get over my fear of going to a new place.

I just hate having to pick a new place & so many of them are soo expensive and my last experience w/ a Mastercuts left me in tears & at a different salon the next day, having my hair chopped off. But Ben really helped me and let me go wherever I wanted. I actually ended up finding a place that was really reasonable & the girl did a great job. YAY, so I guess I finally found my hair salon in year later.

Sorry, no pics..its really not that exciting- just trimming & layering. But the girl did tell me that if I brought Ben in one day she would take me step by step through cutting his hair, so that I can learn how to barber his hair better. I have been cutting his hair for the past couple of months, but can't quite get the "fade" thing down and its never fun when your husband doesn't like the haircut that you gave we are both excited about our upcoming tutorial! It will save us lots of money in the military by having me cut his hair...its like $12 every 2-3 weeks to cut his hair! Wooohooo!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Austin is here!!

YAY!!! we have beach plans, kite flying, touring P'cola & who knows what else on the schedule!

Its his first time to visit us, so we are excited to show my little brother our home :)

More to come...

Monday, June 15, 2009



my favorite!

but soooo expensive! I normally just buy the frozen berries because they are much cheaper than buying by the pint. But still, frozen berries can't quite recapture that fresh taste...

Well Praise the Lord-- its blueberry picking season in Florida! Yes, we even have a festival to celebrate it! And although Ben and I aren't much for festivals-they can be good people watching venues.

Its always incredible to me how they can turn something so delicious into a chocolate-dipped, fried- trans-fatty masterpiece---(appealing to Ben, not so much to me)

But anyway, we skipped out on the festival because we kind of enjoy our quiet weekends, and instead we went blueberry picking!!

I was sooo excited about it all week, I could hardly contain it! I've never picked fresh blueberries before, I've never even seen them on the blueberry bush. And did you know that there are several different kinds of blueberries?

Yep, its true... there are tiff-blue, premier, brightwell, and others that I just can't remember. I confess, I couldn't really taste the difference between most of them, I guess its an acquired skill.

So, anyway we went to this local farm called Beulah Berries & picked to our hearts content! We picked TWO WHOLE GALLONS of blueberries for $10!! I have never even dreamt of having one gallon of blueberries in my house at a given time, and now we have two!

We saved some to eat fresh & then froze the rest to make smoothies, cobblers & who knows what else with! I am in antioxidant heaven :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jehovah Jireh- Our Provider

We have seen so much of God's faithfulness and provisions in our lives this week!

Ben has constantly been seeing the Lord's providing hand in flying- thank you for those who prayed for his headache to go away, because yesterday it was completely gone! He is going to be doing his third flight today, and is exhausted & pretty much studied out, but is making it through by God's grace. God has also provided some great instructor pilots for him to fly with--they can really make or break a ride for a student and thankfully his have all been very helpful, encouraging and down to earth.

Also, we have been contemplating moving to another apt, house or condo in the area to save money. We love where we live now- feel safe & love the staff, but kind of wanted to save a little more money if possible for upcoming expenses. Well, after much searching we really couldn't come up with much, but did visit one condo that was cute and well maintained and cheaper than our current rent. It was quite a bit smaller though & we were really dreading the thought of having to move, but were willing to do it.

I finally got up the nerve to tell our property manager that we would not be renewing our lease with them. I felt like I was breaking up with them, betraying them or something horrible! I seriously, wanted to cry--not because of anything she did, I just really didn't want to leave and didn't want them to think that we didn't like them or something. We talk to our property manager all the time & they are soo helpful. So it had nothing to do w/ them. Anyway, as I was telling her we were going to move, she exclaimed, "Nooooooooo, you guys can't move! Please stay! I'll give you one months free rent!"

My ears perked up with that one, what, free rent? Well, I will ask Ben about it and get back to you.

So Ben and I looked over that proposition, crunched some numbers, and really felt like the Lord was giving us a way to stay! He is our provider.

Also, for the past several weeks we have been praying about the possibility of me going back to school for Nursing. It is something we have really been excited about and have been taking the steps to apply and such to a couple of different schools. Hence, the need to save money!

Well on Monday, God also provided a way for me to get at least some of my schooling paid for through a career advancement aid offered to military spouses! How wonderful is that!

I am looking into an accelerated BSN program where I would get my bachelors in Nursing in one year! If it works out I would take some prereqs now and then start the actual program in January. Please pray that the Lord would work this all out! The university is actually in Alabama, but we are like 20 minutes from the state line so its really not that far away, AND I found out today that I would qualify for in state tuition! - Praise the Lord!

So, anyway, we will see what He does with that desire. I am just praying that He will open the doors if it is something I really am to pursue.

Just wanted to share a little bit of His faithfulness to us this week!

Miss you all (except for the ones that live here- glad I get to see you guys :) )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Aviator

Yesterday was Ben's first flight as a Pensacola student WSO. (WSO= weapons systems operator- he is Goose in Top Gun).

He has been studying really hard and has had to memorize countless emergency procedures -which are very tedious & operational things like how fast you can fligh at this altitude, or how much gas you have to have to take off or fly. I don't think I can adequately describe how much he has had to fit into his brain & reproduce for his instructors. Its really incredible.

He has to be able to spit off all this knowledge to his instructor while he is trying to fly the plane, do maneuvers, call in radio calls and keep an eye on all the gauges! Talk about multi-tasking!

He has definitely been stretched. But is learning a whole lot & becoming more of a first class aviator every day :)

Yesterday, his flight & brief went really well. He passed and really liked his instructor (which is a very big blessing)! It was exciting for him to be in the plane and to attempt all the things he had been studying. They even pulled like 4 G's when he was up in the air! He loved that.

His stomach did get a little queasy & we think his helmet is too tight or something, b/c it is causing him to get these really painful headaches. So you can pray that God would miraculously fix his helmet. If you think about it, something like that can really mess you up-- being at so high an altitude, your brain is already going to be getting a little fuzzy and possibly dizzy, but to have a splitting headache on top of trying to fly a plane, listen to the instructor & make all the radio calls, that really throws a wrench in things!

But God is so gracious and he passed & still enjoyed it, despite the splitting headache. We are just praying for that to not be an issue/distraction anymore.

He has a few more flights to get through this week, so I am sure we will have more on this later :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


This weekend I played my first game of golf EVER! (Outside of putt-putt of course, which I'm pretty sure doesn't count).

Ben has really enjoyed playing golf in his extra time while we've been in Pensacola. The base we are at has some really nice facilities and at a great price! I'll admit, I have always thought that if there were a list for the top ten most boring sports of all times, that golf would be on it. I really couldn't understand why people would want to walk around swinging a club all afternoon & call it a sport.

But my sweet grandmother gave me the advice to try to learn to play with Ben. My grandfather was a great & very avid golfer. He played just about every chance he could & he always wanted my grandmother to play with him, but she never learned. She told me that if she could do it again she would have learned so that they could have enjoyed more time together, doing something that he really loved to do.

So, with my grandmother's encouragement, I decided to try my hand at it this weekend. Ben was soooo excited!! We played a Par 3 course (shorter hole distance), and hardly anyone was out there to laugh when I swung & missed at least 3 out of 5 times. It was actually really fun. Really hot, but really fun! And Ben said that I did really well for my first time :) I think he had fun being my golf instructor & giving me technique tips :)

My own Tiger Woods.

I think it will be a good activity for us to do together on the weekend...relaxing, but active. At least we walk the course instead of using the golf carts, so we are getting a little bit of leg exercise in there!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kite Flying

Ben and I are always trying to think of something creative and fun to do on the weekends. Admittedly, I really stink at reply when he asks me what I want to do is always something like, "I don't know, what do you want to do?"

Its challenging too at times to think of something we could do without spending too much money all the time.

But thankfully, I have a very creative husband, who comes up with some pretty fun ideas...and if all else fails, we always enjoy a coffee date :)

So yesterday, Ben came up with the idea to go kite flying. It never really worked much for us when we were kids. The few times I remember having a kite, I am not sure if it ever was windy enough to really lift, and then when the kite would lift, it seemed like the kite innevitably broke within the first hour.

In Pensacola, however, we have great kite flying weather--its always windy at the beach! So off to walmart we went, to pick out our kite.

It was kind of a tough job, because for some reason all the kites are in the kids section and either have a picture of hannah montana or spiderman on them. Seriously, grown ups can play with kites too!

Well anyway, we finally found a pretty gender neutral kite- it had a picture from the movie "Cars" on it, a picture w/ the girl car & the boy car, so that was perfect for us, and at $3.50, not a bad deal either.

Off we went to the beach, and to our surprise & delight, we had some great success with the kite! We got it to fly really high and even made it do tricks in the air- it was exciting, I felt like a pro :)

And if you have ever seen the movie kite runner, you know that there are some pretty intense pro kite flyers in this world. It made us want to get another kite next time, so we can fight each other's kites! - maybe I'll invest in one of those hannah montana ones next time :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ben Update

Ok, well this picture is not quite an adequate description of what Ben has been up to lately. I am sure he would love for eating gummy worms & oreos to be his primary job in life, but probably a picture of him in a flight suit & helmet would provide a better pictoral description of his life at the moment.

I wish I had a picture of him in that helmet too, because he looks like an alien or darth vador. A really manly alien/darthvador, but nevertheless, it gets a little creepy with the heavy breathing and all.

But aside from all the fancy equipment he is getting, he is really working hard! He has one more week of "ground school" left before he starts flying. Ground school basically means that you are studying and taking tests all the time, and when he is not doing one of those two things, he is in a classroom listening to a lecture or getting practice time in the flight simulators.

Last week he was up at work from about 8am to 10pm every day! It was incredible how he persevered and still had energy to come home and hang out w/ me :)
He is doing really, really well.

We will see how this week turns out, it is sure to be busy, but hopefully not as many late nights as last week.

He should train basically all through the summer, so not many forseable breaks for him, but at least we got a nice, long spring break in before the madness!

I am proud of him-- I might just have to go get him some oreos and gummy worms for all his hard work ;)