Friday, November 20, 2009

The Blind Side


Ben & I went to see this movie last night at the midnight showing. Not really because we are all that fanatical, but mainly because we have the time now where we can do silly things like that. So we did. Little did we know that we would be waiting for our movie with every Twilight fan known to man in the city of Pensacola. Crazy.

Literally, they had one measly little theater reserved for the Blind Side and every other theater in the house was reserved for the midnight showing of New Moon. There were about 3,000 people that waited in line to get into that movie. And about 15 of us that showed up for The Blind Side. And I think some of those people were ones that came too late to get a ticket for New Moon.

I found it amusing afterwards, as we were all filing out of the movies, that I heard so many of the people who went to see Twilight saying things like, "Man, that was dumb" or "What a disappointment". And all that Ben & I could say was, "Wow, that was a great movie--what an incredible story."

So you should definitely skip all the Twilight saga hoopla & go see The Blind Side.

I cried, I laughed, I was inspired. The family that Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw play were incredible parents to this kid that they literally took up off the streets. And he became incredibly huge in shaping their lives too. I was amazed by this family, who treated this kid as if he were their own son---pulling out all the stops for him, in the same way they did for their own children. That is incredible love and sacrifice.

The movie really hit a soft spot in my heart, for kids in lower income areas, that really are born with so little opportunity. I have seen first hand that unless someone is willing to help these kids, it is near impossible to get out of the cycle of poverty and drugs that their parents before them are living in. They can't learn, they can't pay for college-if they even get in, they can't afford tutors, they can't drive themselves to church or to job interviews. Its very difficult to get out of a cycle like that. And no government policy or stimulus can get them out either.

It takes real people. People who are willing to sacrifice their comforts, their time, their money. People who will teach the principles of working to make a living and most importantly, people who are willing to love them. It takes the church of Jesus Christ, living and serving in their community. His people, that will feed the poor & disadvantaged not only physical bread, but the bread of Life. People who will share our hope of salvation.

We need to be those people.

So, go see the movie--its well worth it!

And I hope you are encouraged and challenged as much as we were.


-Erin said...

I saw it tonight! It was soooo good! I love how it was Christian based and not just good samaritan based! What a wonderful woman and family!

Tobin and Erin said...

Oo. We might have to go see that one. I thought the previews looked intriguing.

Silly Twilight fans. :)