Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little update

Just a little update on yesterday's post.

The review board happened yesterday, as many of you know---thank you so much for your prayers! We know that the Lord will accomplish his purposes through it. Unfortunately, you don't really gain any information on the direction of their decision from that board. So we can't tell you much on how it went, but we know the Lord is sovereign!

The final step now, is to talk to the Commodore aka "Big Boss Man". This conversation between he and Ben will probably happen on Friday, if not sooner. By the end of their meeting, Ben will know one way or another whether he will be retained in the program or not.

We will let you know when it happens!

For now, he is getting his uniform ironed and shoes shined, I am studying for the 2 finals that I have tomorrow, and in between, we are planning a Christmas party for our youth at church and watching Christmas specials on tv :) fun times!

We are thankful for such an amazing support group the Lord has blessed us with! Thank you!

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