Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Never really make them because I am always kind of nervous I won't keep them. And then I don't want to feel like a resolution failure a few weeks later, so I usually just opt not to make any.

But this year, Ben and I have made a couple of resolutions. We are making them month by month, rather than for the whole year.

A month is a much more obtainable goal than a year, and I have a feeling that after making something a habit for a month, it will get a little bit easier the next month to continue with the same goals.

Our number one resolution is to spend time each day in the Word of God. That needs to be our first priority anyhow, but how easily we can overlook that time when life gets busy.

Resolution number two (and this was Ben's idea, not mine) is to eat healthier and exercise more. Yes please! I am so excited that this was Ben's idea. Now when I put a nice spinach salad in front of him, its because he wants it, not because I am a crazy health nut ;)

Resolution three. To be more organized in our house. We are finding that it makes a world of a difference if everything in the house has a place. The house is easier to maintain, we don't get frustrated trying to figure out where we put this or that, and the house just feels more open and stress free! Its also a great excuse to get rid of things we don't need!

So for the anti-resolution maker out there (like myself), think about some one month goals you could attainably set for yourself. We are almost halfway through January and so far it is really working for us---and our goal is in sight!

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