Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

It looks as though 2010 is going to hold a lot of new adventures for the Carter household.

After spending 10 wonderful days in TX we are finally back in Pensacola, and settling back into life here.

Except, this time rather than truly "settling" we are already shaking things up quite a bit.

The morning after we got back from our trip to TX, Ben had a final meeting with the Commodore to tell him the decision he had made about continuing in the flight program.

Ben thanked him graciously for the opportunity to be a part of the program, and for the time spent here, but chose to step down from the aviation program.

The Commodore assured him that the AF would still have a job for him so now we are praying about the career path that the Lord would have for us within the AF.

Looking back on 2009, I would have never imagined that this would be the road that the Lord would have for us. I would have never imagined that we would choose to get out of aviation, or that we would even come to the point of having to choose, but we are very confident that it is Him directing us out of the flight community and into something new. This year will truly be one of new beginnings, and undoubtedly, new trials and victories as well.

As for a timeline. We have no idea when we will move or what job he will have!

Definitely have more to say on all this, but I'll save it for another day.

Will keep you posted :)


Tobin and Erin said...

Welcome back, Ashley! Congratulations on your new job opportunities and the approach of new adventures! How exciting! :)

We are so happy for you both.

Kelly Owen said...

We'll continue praying for you guys, as we know change can be scary. I'm glad you have peace from the Lord about the decision you've made. May He continue to bless you!

Holly said...

Proud of you guys! much love... and God has sweet things in store... I Can't wait to see!