Thursday, January 14, 2010

So many questions

Ok, sorry that is a huge question mark.

I can't figure out how to make it smaller, but maybe its a good thing that its big. Maybe it will help illustrate this post more than I thought it would.

Ben and I have noticed a pattern in our speech developing over the past couple of months.

This pattern became really apparent when we sat down with our financial advisors, who are also friends, to talk about the future and financial strategies therein.

Here's how it went. Financial guy would ask us a question, such as, "well, when do you guys think you will be moving?"

Ben and I would look at each other, and say "I don't know."

"Ok, well what job will you be doing?"

"I don't know."

As the conversation went on, this same scenario occurred several times. We were all becoming a little humored by it, and our financial friends basically summed up the meeting with us by saying, "well we will keep in touch---you guys are definitely living in the unknown right now!"

And if I had to sum up our lives (over the past few months) in just one word, it would be: Unknown.

But, if I had two or three words to sum it up with, it would be: the Unknown & God's favor.

Although there are soooooo many things we don't know. God gives us just enough light on our path to see what's right in front of us.

So one thing we do know is that He is leading Ben out of the aviation world & into some other career. We haven't gotten as far as actually knowing what that career will be. But, the Lord has put us around some really amazing people who are doing a lot to help us figure that out.It was evident from the way both of those men have been so interested in Ben and helping him in his career, that the Lord is totally in control of all this, and is orchestrating something beautiful.

So, just a heads up. We may tell you that we don't know a lot of things. And that is true. But that is often true at most every period of our lives. We never know what tomorrow holds, and Ben and I haven't even the slightest idea what it could even possibly hold. But we are sure of this: That God is in control & is leading our way, giving us insight for the moment we need it.

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