Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time and Superheros.

So Ben and I have a lot of time on our hands right now. A LOT.

True, its an indefinite period of time, and could come to an end pretty quickly. But for now, we have plenty of time to make lots of things happen and are trying to seize the day and spend our time wisely.

One of our friends works for an elementary school in the area and asked us to come and read to the kids in her ESL class whenever possible. Since we have plenty of time, we have been so excited to help out and to have something productive to do with our days.

Today, Ben got to help some of the kids with their reading comprehension, while I worked with them on writing a paper about their "dreams" in life (for MLK day).

So of course, when you ask a first grade boy, what he wants to be when he grows up, what else is he going to say, but, "I want to be a superhero! Like Ironman or Spiderman!"

So thats exactly what we wrote about. His sweet dream to ZOOM around at super speed like Ironman to save people by fighting crime. I wish you could have seen his face as he read to me the final draft of his paper. He was beaming with excitement. I loved it. I mean, yes, maybe we should have told him that this was a very unlikely dream to come true. But, I think it was better to let him dream. The reality that he could be a superhero in the sense of fighting crime as a police man or a fireman, or in the military is still very true, and something I would never want to discourage.

It is so neat to me to see how God made little boys to want to be superheros.

I love it. Too often they are told that their dreams are impossible, and that they will never be able to amount to anything even near what they aspire to. Their dreams are crushed, and often their spirits too.

A lot of you know how much Ben loves GI Joes. I still buy them for him for Christmas and I love it because one, I think its great that he is such a big kid at heart, but two, I think he still has that little superhero spirit in him that just loves to see the good guy get the baddies.

God made him to be a protector and defender, and I think most all boys have those same instincts.

Maybe some just need a little encouragement. Maybe even just the acknowledgement that being Ironman is an awesome aspiration ;)

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Amanda and Andrew LeJeune said...

Yeah, I love the little boy spirit that still resides in our grown up men. I was thinking the other day too about how I'm going to be with my little boy, running around and hearing all kinds of wild dreams of his! I can't wait for my little superhero to come and teach me a thing or two about dreaming big!