Monday, February 15, 2010


I used to love those little heart candies. Mainly the white ones though. The green ones were just flat out disgusting.

Thats about all that used to really excite me about Valentine's Day---getting at least 10 boxes of little sweethearts from friends & family---it really didn't get any better than that. I have never really been a hopeless romantic, and was even dubbed the "Ice Princess" by my dad throughout high school and college for the stone cold heart I seemed to have when it came to romance.

But then Ben came around, and swept me off my feet with his hopelessly romantic ways. He has been good for this cold, unromantic heart. The past two years, he has always done such a great job of being extremely thoughtful and romantic when it comes to doing special things for me. I love him.

This year, he surprised me with a trip to our friend's beach condo out on Pensacola Beach. Although the weather was not exactly pristine for sunbathing, we had a wonderful time exploring different parts of the Florida panhandle this past weekend.

It was a fun time to just be together and enjoy each other's company in a different environment than normal. We watched the Olympics together, ate some wonderful meals, drank good coffee, explored Ft. Pickens and Destin, and even made out pretty well at an estate sale we stumbled upon. I even got Ben to eat sushi with me AND on an even more surprising note, he actually enjoyed it.

A very successful Valentine's day weekend, indeed.


Holly Southerland said...

I agree the green ones are nasty. I have never seen you as a cold or unromantic person, but then again there has never been any need for romance :) so I suppose you know yourself better than I do. hahaha!!

The Carters said...

haha--yea, calling myself cold and unromantic was probably a little over dramatic. I mean, I definitely have feelings, but it did take someone like Ben to make my heart do somersaults :)

Holly Southerland said...

aww :)