Monday, March 1, 2010

as of late...

I have been somewhat negligent of my normal blog writing lately for combination of a few different reasons. One being that our life has actually been somewhat consistent lately. What I mean by that is that we actually have a routine schedule each week. Each day looks pretty much the same as the previous. This has not been the norm for us in the past, and will probably not be typical for the majority of our military career, but we'll take it while we can get it. We haven't found the normality of our schedule to be monotonous, but it would be monotonous to write about the same thing every day--thus the lack of blogging.

But despite the routine, I thought I would at least give an update of what our "routine" has looked like for the past month or so.

Ben and I have been consistently able to volunteer at an elementary school for a few hours each day. We have been doing a variety of different things with the students, such as reading with them, helping them write, and helping them with FCAT prep (aka Florida's TAKS test). We have really enjoyed helping out with the children and are learning a lot about how to help our future children get the most out of their education.

Outside of volunteering, we are keeping busy with our church and are blessed to be a part of some new and exciting doors the Lord seems to be opening for our church body in the way of fellowship, discipleship, service & ministry.

Ben is also prepping for more meetings. He will probably have some meetings this week to go over paperwork involving his potential career. We should know more about this within the month.

I, on the other hand, have been trying to catch up on my sewing, and have been tutoring for the past several months.

It has been an interesting season for us here in Pensacola, knowing that we will probably be leaving within the next several months, but at the same time, having our minds, hearts & bodies fully engaged in our Pensacola lives until we do move. I think the Lord has really given us grace in this area--to be fully here, rather than to spend our time dreaming about the "what-if's" of the future. We are excited about the opportunities within the community, military & in our church that He has given us and I think these things are helping us to stay content in where we are right now.


Whitney said...

Your example of being in the "here and now" is so encouraging :) Miss you guys SOO much! Want to meet up for coffee some time the weekend of the 20th? We're not there too long but I would LOVE to see ya!


Ashley said...

Whit! yes yes yes we do want to meet up! Sorry we never connected via phone on your day off, but I am going to write you guys down on our calendar...just let us know what day/time works best for you guys!