Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Week

Ben & I had a great & very busy weekend. It started with a trip to the Original Point Restaurant for dinner on Friday night with some friends---Bluegrass + raw oysters + senior citizens = goodtimes, right? We were definitely the youngest in the crowd by at least 20 years, but we got to see a different side of good ol' Pensacola, and that's always entertaining. We are determined to soak in as much of the "native" culture while we still have the chance. I think we are off to a good start.

So far, I've seen one handlebar mustache, overheard a little chat about someone's friend who got 11 years in the slammer, learned that mullets are not just a bad hair cut from the 90's, but in fact are also a type of fish, and that it is possible to singlehandedly carry a 20 ft long PVC pipe on your bicycle while riding on the side of the highway.

In other news, I helped give my first baby shower this weekend. The other hostess and I had a great time prepping, decorating and trying to figure out how to drizzle white chocolate on pretzels, and overall I think the shower was quite a success! We also had a prayer time during the shower, where we used this as our guide for praying over the mommy & baby. I have to say, I am a big fan of prayer showers.

To finish off the weekend, on Sunday afternoon, Ben & I made a special trip to the doctor to get my swollen middle finger checked out. We were pretty sure it was infected (probably through the cuticle or from poking myself with a sewing needle...I do that a lot), and it just kept getting more swollen. We made it into the treatment room pretty quickly, but of course, as soon as they were about to take the knife to my finger and do the procedure that would take all of 30 seconds to complete, the doctor's office got out of control busy, and we ended up waiting for about 3 hours for that 30 second procedure. Eventually, they put my finger in mounds and mounds of gauze wrap, after the bleeding had clearly stopped. They also tried to put it in a brace, until I told them that might be a little bit excessive. But the gauze wrap totally makes my "injury" look legit, so I will keep that on it for a while.

Now onto a new week--Ben went into the office this morning, looking nice & handsome in his blues---he will be reporting to a new office now for the duration of our time here, and will fly a desk for about 8 hours a day. We may find out his new job as early as tomorrow! ....but it also could take up to 4 weeks. Thats a nice little range of possibility, right? Time will tell.

We'll keep ya posted ;)

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