Friday, April 9, 2010


Ben & I are leaving today to spend the weekend in New Orleans with my parents!  My dad has a convention in New Orleans this coming week for work, but they are coming in a few days early to play with us!  We have to take every chance we can get to see family & friends, and it just so happened that we had enough rewards points in the bank to get our hotel for free.  Gotta love that.

We will probably spend most of our time eating.  I think thats what you do in New Orleans--eat and drink, and although we don't "drink" drink, we love our coffee, and will definitely be hitting up all the NOLA coffee shops.  :)

Dad wants to go to Emeril's.

We want to go to Cafe Du Monde for their Cafe Au Lait.

My mom & I want to go to Magazine Street and shop the antiques...hopefully we can get the guys to agree w/ us on that one.  I might have to bribe them with some beignets. :)

And we are getting to meet up with some good & recently married friends, Jonathan & Amanda Griffin--who go to this church, which we will be visiting on Sunday.   I love visiting churches when we are out of town, so that will be great too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend----we are super excited for ours.

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