Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Official

After much  prayer, waiting, countless conversations and musings over the "what ifs" of life, some more prayer, and oh did I mention, lots of waiting,  we finally have a glimpse into the direction our lives our headed!

B found out that he is going to go through re-training for a new job in good ol' Texas!

We couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to move back to TX for a while (training will take at least 8 months) and we are beyond belief blessed with the prospect of his new assignment!

Thanks so much for all your prayers & for hanging in there with us while we waited!  It is going to be hard to leave all the people here that have really become like a second family to us, we love them so dearly, but we couldn't ask for a better assignment, and can't wait to be closer to TX family & friends!

Expect to see the Carters rolling through TX with our big ol' UHaul sometime in July.  Feel free to drop by and see us any time---and if you so conveniently decide to visit us in July, we will be more than happy to put your hands to work w/ moving in ;)


josh said...

That's great news!

Kelly Owen said...

Yay!!!! We're super excited for you guys.

Holly Southerland said...

Yay!! I'm glad you're coming back!

Kyndall said...

Fantastic news!!!!! I love The Carters :)

Tobin and Erin said...

That sounds like a great job for Ben! Congrats on the news! Yaaaaaaaay, being near family is such an unusual blessing in this job.

Hey, we definitely have to set up a get together then. I'll give you a call. We are trying to get leave from the end of May through the beginning of July, but before or after that we should be able to find some time. Congrats again, let us know if you need help loading up when the time comes.

Rebekah said...

Yay! It will be so good to have you guys close!