Friday, June 4, 2010

the first week of june....

and we are soo glad its Friday, and that Friday means date night in this house :)  Even though we are only going to order Mexican take-out tonight & bring it back home for an indoor picnic---its just what we need.  A little rest & relaxation in our home, just the two of us.

Monday, Ben had the day off for Memorial Day and we "celebrated" by organizing, cleaning and packing up some boxes for the upcoming move.  I made a cute little diaper bag for a sweet friend, and he took apart all his Star Wars Legos to be packed into their boxes for the move.  We actually had a great time just working side by side in what we affectionately call our "project room" for most of the day.  Later, I went swimming with our downstairs neighbor & her two little girls while our husbands went out to the store to get yummy food to cook together.   We just love that family. :)

The rest of the week has been pretty fast paced, with both of us working 8 hour days & trying to get paperwork finalized for the move.  But amidst the craziness, we have been blessed to have time to catch up with dear friends over dinner, before saying our goodbyes next month.   I think we are realizing more and more how blessed we have been to have such great friends in Pensacola---even though we may not see all of them on a weekly basis, its just so easy to pick right back up where we left off.   We are going to miss our friends here, but its encouraging to know that we will get to see some of the military ones again on this earth & many of the others, we know we will at least get to see them one day in eternity!  That makes goodbyes a little bit easier.

Our official move date is July 7th.  Its hard to believe its only a month away! We have a couple of weddings in TX to attend this month, so we are going to conveniently plan a house hunting trip to San Angelo while we are in TX to see 2 beautiful couples get married!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben & Ashley! It was so fun for us to read your blog together. Your mom and I are sitting her training on the computer, so I can learn more about how to get around on it. Your recipe looks good! I'm so proud of you both. I love you..Momo

Kim said...

hey girl! we have some wonderful friends that live in san angelo (the huckabee's). they just did a church plant that i think is still meeting in their home currently. if you don't already have a church picked out, i'd love to hook you guys up with them. they have been a constant blessing since we met them. let me know! :)