Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hello texas.

We finally made it to Texas, and thankfully, after almost a week of being here, we have internet in our house.  You never quite realize how much you depend on the world wide web until you are without it for a few days.

The trip down was a long one, but the Lord definitely provided for us fully along the way.
Ben drove a ginormous Budget rental truck all the way from FL to Texas, with our Rodeo in tow, which demanded that we drove the entire route at 55 mph. ugggh. We were also required to stop every 50 miles to make sure the straps on the tow dolly were holding up, so needless to say, it was a LONG trip to Texas.

During the trip we also determined that Louisiana just doesn't like the Carters.  It always seems to leave us with nice little gifts, like flat tires. Thanks LA. Just before the move, I blew out a tire in my Camry right before we got to the LA-TX border. This time around, right before we got to the border of Texas, our tow dolly got a flat tire.  We were stuck at the Lazy Cajun RV Park for about 3 hours...awesome.

In all seriousness, the Lord provided for us greatly in both of those situations & we can look back & laugh at them now---but I am not going to lie, we may be avoiding Louisiana on road trips for awhile.

Ben & I are currently trying to make our new house a home---even though we will only be here for about a year, it is good to have a familiar and welcoming place to come home to every day, especially when transitioning into a new town.

 Everyone seems to be so friendly here.  We have already had at least two different strangers show us the most amazing hospitality we have probably ever received.   One (a local pastor) toured us around town, helping us house hunt all day long, and the other person spent 2 hours in the heat, fixing our Rodeo's electrical wiring & battery for a grand total of $20.   It is very challenging and convicting to us as believers to show kindness to everyone we meet.

That's all I got for now---more cleaning & putting away of boxes to do.

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Tobin and Erin said...

Welcome home! Enjoy your new digs. So sorry we didn't make it to help you two move. I can't seem to keep days straight anymore.

We will miss you guys!