Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things we are loving in Texas...

Love it.  Always will.  And have missed it so. 
 I used $20 in coupons today, on things I actually use on a weekly basis--feels good to be back in HEB country.

The sky.  Its really beautiful here and seems to go on forever.
  This isn't actually a picture of the sky in Texas, but just so you get the idea.  

Finding a shop that was made for me. :) 
 This store has cute clothes, designer fabric, and home it.  Some of my favorite things all wrapped up into one store.

We also are loving the people here.  We haven't met a ton of people yet, but it seems that everyone we meet is incredibly friendly & truly hospitable to us.  I don't know if its the small town thing, or if its Texas, or if its simply the Lord sending kind souls our way, but we love that about this place.

Its the little things in moving to a new place that can make the world of a difference.  

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Tiffany said...

Amen on HEB! I get so excited now that they started circling the savings on the receipt. And now the people behind me can hear that the wait time for my coupons to get scanned was indeed worthwhile! :)