Wednesday, August 25, 2010

every short girl needs one...

yes, that's right... a stool.

this was a gift from my mom & dad for my birthday--

they have found out from visiting us, and from the stories ben and i tell, that most of the top shelves in any closet or cabinet in our home are always quite a mess, because some little someone cannot reach the shelf. and being that this little someone is the primary cleaner/tidy-upper person in the household...well, her shortness presents a problem.   The bottom few cabinets or shelves always do pretty well, but it's the top cabinets and shelves that are always a terrible wreck, due to this short one's constant lobbing of items on top of them.    

i am glad to report though, that my disheveled shelf days are over, thanks to my handy dandy stool.  

not only is it cute (which was a serious requirement) but it is very practical, so any of you short ladies out there, or maybe i should say "petite", grab yourself a stool--i highly recommend it :)

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Jacki said...

haha.. I am glad you fixed your problem! :)