Thursday, August 5, 2010

high school reunion :)

Spent the weekend with some wonderful high school girlfriends!  We have been spread out all around the US over the past couple of years & amazingly, during the month of July, found ourselves all living in TX.  The girls all decided to come out to visit us for our little reunion---and so the fun began!

We spent the weekend staying up late chatting & snacking, shopping around the cute downtown area of San An, eating out & taking fun pictures!  It was so fun to have them here for the weekend, and it was a good excuse for me to learn more about our town in my feeble attempts to be their tour guide for the weekend :) Good thing Shannon had her iPhone to google map me to all our destinations, we might have gotten lost without her ;)

Ben was a champ of a host & husband during the weekend--he was quite outnumbered, 5 to 1, but did a great job of hosting & helping where he could & he really enjoyed getting better acquainted with the girls and hearing about all the crazy memories we have together!

Its amazing to come back together with these girls after living in such different parts of the U.S., doing very different things for the past couple of years, and to find that we can all just pick up where we left off.  I am thankful for friendships like that.

Thanks for coming girls---love you :)

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