Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a labor-less weekend

Ben and I IMMENSELY enjoyed our Labor Day Weekend.  With his crazy class schedule, we never get a Friday night to ourselves, making the weekends seem soooo short these days.   Often, he has to start his week on Sunday after church to get in as much studying as he can before Monday hits, so really our weekends are generally smooshed into Saturday and half of Sunday.   

This weekend he had most of Friday off, all of Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off!!!  ((YAYY!!))
We celebrated most of the weekend by doing absolutely nothing.  I mean we did DO things but not important time crunched things.  Instead we went shopping/small errand running at our leisure on Friday, with Starbucks in hand,  and ventured out to a new cupcakery in town and met the sweet little owner (her name was Fara, just like my Mama Carter).  On Saturday we slept in, food shopped & mowed the lawn, got another Starbucks then went to see Ramona & Beezus (we have a secret crush on Selena Gomez--not a creepy crush, just an "aww she's so cute" crush).  The movie was actually really cute and it cost us a grand total of $2.50 each at the on base movie theater---even better.  
Our main event took place on Sunday when we had Ben's class over for dinner---many of the fellas & ladies were out of town, but about half of them had stayed in San Angelo for the weekend, making it quite the perfect little shindig.  I cooked up some dinner, while one of Ben's classmates took care of dessert:  cupcakes.

It was a deelish night.  We set out different toppings and frostings for everyone to top their own cupcake.  The results were pretty fun & yummy, of course.  

Here's my cupcake:  chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting & shaved chocolate & espresso

What party is complete without a friendly game of Operation?   I say friendly, but this game really turned out to be quite dangerous---the "electric shock"  kinda freaked me out and well lets just say more than once, the game & different people in the room went flyin'

A couple of the guys & Ben getting ready for surgery...

The best part of the weekend, was knowing that we had Monday off too!   We had a super fun time on Friday, Saturday & Sunday---and still had time to recover & spend time together on Monday! 
ahhhhhh if only every weekend was at least a three day weekend....


Kim said...

so fun, ashley!!

rebeltarian said...

Love the cupcake bar idea! I will have to try it next time I entertain!