Friday, September 10, 2010

what i'm reading

I just started a new book study that I will be going over with a friend here in town & several other college aged girls.  I am still in the very beginning of the book, actually I just finished the introduction---so I haven't even started on the chapters, but I am very excited to get into it!

The book, on whole, is simply about encouraging women to become better theologians.

And what is theology you ask?  Simply put, it is knowing God.   Knowing God changes our patterns of beliefs, how we react to circumstances, how we choose to live our lives, how we serve our families, friends, church & the community.

Mrs. James states that "real theologians are those whose hearts are captivated by God himself, who cling to the truth in life, who humbly kneel to adore him, and whose lives are transformed by what they have learned.  Theology makes a difference to all of us."

She also states that "the purpose of this book is to reunite these two identities {the mary & martha identities} to help women begin the process of becoming better theologians.  There is no trick to this, no quick and easy method for deepening our relationship with God.  It takes time, something in short supply for most women.  But anything worthwhile takes time, and what could be more worthwhile than knowing our Creator?"

Even though I am just starting the first chapter of the book, I am already very excited to begin reading it!   The book is heavily endorsed by solid men such as J.I. Packer & R. C. Sproul, making me even more confident that it must be a good read.

I'll let ya know how it goes!  Or, why not check it out for yourself!

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