Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend in Marble Falls

Ben & I spent a grand, extra long weekend in Marble Falls with Jim & Idie.  We were so thankful for the time spent with them & for the restful visit that it was.

Check out the AMAZING pumpkin patch that we visited at Sweet Berry Farms.  If you are in the MF area--you have to visit!

 They had lots great of photo ops with pumpkins, trailers, bails of hay, etc...

jim :) 

jim & idie (resisting my attempt to take their picture..haha) in front of the "stuff a scarecrow" barn!  How cool is that!?

behind ben & jim is a pumpkin painting area, a petting zoo, a field to pick fresh flowers in, and the list of wonderful fall attractions goes on.  they even had a corn maze!

in the spring this farm is a strawberry & blackberry picking farm.  these are rows of strawberry plants.

and i couldn't resist this one.  since we didn't have any cute little kids to take photos w/ at the pumpkin patch, ben was forced to be the stand in model.   you can tell he's loving it, right?

photo credit

Oh and after all our pumpkin farm fun, I did actually get a pumpkin....a Fairytale pumpkin.  
Look's like it's straight out of Cinderella, no?

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Tobin and Erin said...

Hey, Ashley! Hope you and Ben are doing well, and that he's liking training. I wanted to let you know, I LOVE your fabric shop and hope to use it soon, maybe for making cute lil baby things! Of course, I have to teach myself how to make cute little baby things, but that's on the to do list. Oh, and your new fall wristlet clutches are to die for!

We are definitely moving to Shreveport in February, so if you guys are still in TX, we will try to set something up with you two. Talk to you later!