Monday, November 29, 2010

a carter-norville thanksgiving

Ben & I had a wonderful time hosting Thanksgiving for our families this year.  We were also able to invite some of his classmates to join us for the festivities (I'm not sure if they knew what they were signing up for when they joined our two crazy families, but they seemed to fit right in with the chaos!)

You will have to excuse these photos, they were taken from my mom's iPhone.  I was so busy with all the cooking and prep that I never stopped to take any pictures!  

Here is a sampling of our schmorgusborg of food.  

Our Menu:
Southern Living Turkey (turned out super moist)
Rosemary Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 
Fresh Green Beans with Shallots
Mama Rhonda's Dressing
Mama Rhonda's Cranberry Salad
Orange Buttermilk Rolls
& of course plenty of pies!

 Here's a pic of the ridiculously large 23 lb turkey that took FOREVER to cook.

whisking the gravy

friends & classmates

fara mama! so pretty :)

more friends & family---and ben's signature face. so handsome.

brother & sister :)

It was quite a memorable Thanksgiving.  Lots of sweet mouths to feed, good food, good company, lots of catch phrase & Wii games, a good ol' fightin' Texas Aggie win, boys vs. girls games around the fire pit (which of course, the girls won), a trip to see Harry Potter, and the breaking down of Thanksgiving decorations to make way for Christmas!

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