Tuesday, November 30, 2010

from thankfulness to joy!

Remember this from a couple of posts back?  

Well I got a little attached to this guy over Thanksgiving, and decided that it needed to stay a while longer---or maybe permanently.

Of course, what a better way to make use of it during the month of December, than to make it part of our Christmas decor!

 In past years, my constant predicament during this season, is where to display all the lovely, thoughtful Christmas cards we receive.  Christmas cards are so pretty, require some time & effort to send out and each is unique.  Plus they are a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are with the friends and family that we have!  

So I am sure you can guess where this post is going.  I have found the perfect display for our Christmas cards this year.   A little changing up of the wording, adding some snow flakes and......


many thanks to the lovely couple & their dog who provided the perfect Christmas card example for this photo shoot :)


Jacki said...

Oh I love it! Thanks for featuring us, however, I am sure that is the only Christmas card you received 4 weeks early. :)
I need to call you soon! Miss you.

Cari said...


My name is Cari and I work with Gospel for Asia. We have a new video/website that helps refocus on Christmas. Will you please check it out and blog about it if you like it?


Please email me and let me know what you think.

In Christ,

Cari Poweziak
Gospel for Asia

P.S. I love your board!!! Where did you get it?