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Every military wife needs one...

Vintage Airway Luggage .. Electric Blue

Ben & I have become quite the seasoned movers in the past couple of years, but it seems that every time we move I am still flying by the seat of my pants thinking, "ok, now what did we do last time? how do I make this as painless as possible?..." and the list goes on. 
So in order to alleviate some of the list making going on in my head, I decided to write it down.  Novel idea, I know.  There is something about a written list, though that just feels so good.  It's like all my thoughts are no longer jumbled together, but are neatly separated by periods and lines.  And the crossing off of an item...oh that feels so good!  I passed this list on to a couple of military friends & thought some of you might be interested in it as a resource as well.  :) 

 PCS Moving Checklist

-If living on base, send orders to the base housing office of your gaining unit. Usually can do this 30 days in advance.

-Inventory of personal property, take pictures of valuables.

-Go through old clothes and throw away the “junk” you don’t need.

-Separate husband’s military uniforms, gear, books, etc… from rest of Household goods (not supposed to be weighed by movers or for DITY move)

-Make a list of all organizations/subscriptions that need change of address (will be helpful once you get to your new duty address!):  credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, magazine subscriptions, amazon, paypal, etc…

-Plan out driving route, stops, etc… arrange/reserve hotel stays.  I found a great website: where you can search for hotels with government rates OR arrange to stay at military bases along the way. 

-Arrange for TLF (Temporary Lodging…not sure what the “F” stands for) with your new base (unless you are able to move straight into your home upon arrival).

-Visit for per diem rates, DLA, BAH, etc…

-Make a moving budget/track moving expenses (out to eat, lodging, gas, etc…) so you know how much you may have to spend up front before reimbursement.

-Check out with TRICARE office at the med clinic.

-Pick up dental records from dentist (optional) so you don’t have to mess w/ transferring them later.

-Begin moving repairs/cleaning.

-Obtain Power of Attorney for spouse.

-Confirm moving date with TMO (I think this is called something else in the Navy…PPO, maybe?)

-When you know your move date, schedule cancellation of utilities & internet.  Get referrals from each for new utility companies (this will waive deposits on future utilities).

-Research utility/internet companies in new city.

-Get cars checked & oil changed before the drive.

-Designate an area of the house for items you will move yourself (unless doing a DITY move).  Movers will not move flammables (candles, chemicals, etc…) or cleaning supplies/liquids, or foods.

-Schedule walk-thru with property manager if necessary.

-File change of address with post office & arrange for mail to be forwarded (can do this online at

Week before move:
-Back up computers.
-Pack luggage to take with you in the car/airplane.
-Organize important files that you do not want the movers to pack---(SSN, Passports, banking info, PCS Orders, marriage license, legal docs, etc…)
-Pack a small tool kit for each car, flashlight & extra batteries.
-Snacks for car-ride.
-Final cleaning.
-Food & drinks for movers (if applicable).

Good moving resources:;

moving/traveling resource for the mama with a baby: 

**ok, my other seasoned moving friends....what am I missing?  Anything to add?  I am all ears!**

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megan said...

I'm a fellow military wife and this list is wonderful. Thank you!