Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls Weekend

Our weekend blessings just keep on coming in & we are receiving them with much gladness! :)

This weekend Ben & I got to host some more of our favorite-est people: the Butler ladies  along with my mamma!

Jeri & my mom have been friends for over 30 years, and not just friends, but the friend who sticks closer than a brother sister type!  Jeri has a beautiful daughter Julian who I have known the better part of my life & who in the past few years has become such a sweet friend & sister to me!

All I can say is:  It's so nice to have girl time.  And I mean real girl time.  I mean, yes, of course we did each other's hair & make-up & watched a romantic comedy (or two), but better than all those things were the girl heart-to-hearts that we had.  We talked about life, the Lord, prayed together, laughed a lot & just enjoyed being in friendship & fellowship.  I don't think I realized how much I needed good. solid. soul-searching. girl-time.  Ahhhhh. thank you Lord! It's a beautiful thing to know that He created us to need those relationships.

And only a real man like Ben could handle the 4:1 ratio.  He is so good & supportive :)

Here's a few pics of the weekend....some of them have random saturations & effects as I was playing around with my camera, learning the ropes, most of the weekend.  

jeri & julian


shopping downtown

mexican food with the whole crew

me attempting to be a photographer

the four girls :)

the mammas!
the daughters!

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Jacki said...

Where did y'all get that clock? I love it.