Monday, January 10, 2011

a lovely new addition

Silk Herringbone Hobo Satchel

I am excited to add this new darling bag to my shop!

It's made from 100% silk, versatile for the winter or spring.  It has a "heavy" look but is actually a fairly light weight but sturdy material.  

My friend Holly already has hers :) check it out for yourself!


Holly said...

Yes I do! And I lah-ave it. ... that means love with an extra syllable ;)

I have carried it every day and thought of you almost every time I look at it. :) :) :)

ShanAntonio said...

Hey Ash!

It's Shannon A and I was just perusing your blog and rediscovered this bag- I think it's awesome & beautiful. I know its no longer in your store & it's kinda out of season now, but how difficult would it be to make another one just like this? I know you might not have this fabric still, but I've been eyeing your hobo satchels for awhile so even if I can't have this same one, I'd be interested in getting one in some other fabric. You can message me on fb about it :) Thanks, Ash! Love you and miss you!