Wednesday, January 19, 2011

weekend high

Ben & I were so blessed this weekend to share so many fun memories with some of our favorite people!  It was especially sweet to do so, knowing that when we leave Texas it won't be quite as easy to have those reunions.

First, Praise Jesus because I passed my DTR exam (which was in San Antonio) to be come a registered, Dietetic Technician. It all went very smoothly & I am sooo thankful to have that under my belt. Why is this important, you ask?  I will tell you.

It gives me qualifications to work in dietary related positions that I did not have before & it is a good little resume builder, as Ben & I still hope that one day I will be able to do an internship & sit for the Registered Dietitian exam.  

As I was already in San Antonio for the weekend because of the exam, Ben decided to join me.  He had a long weekend because of MLK day so it worked out perfectly!  

His grandparents & brother came to spend Saturday with my family in San Antonio---the boys went & looked at airplanes on base while the girls shopped--so everyone was happy ;) AND I love that our families love each other, it's a HUGE blessing!

Then, as if the weekend couldn't get any better.... IT DID!  
Ben & I got to see two of our favorite-est people in the world:  Jacki & Brandon who came all the way to San Antonio from the Azores Islands.  
Of course, that managed to be the only event that I took a picture of the entire weekend...totally failed in that area, but if I only have one picture, I am glad it's of them!  :)

our island friends :)
Following, a fun & ginormous breakfast & a much needed catching up with the Morrises, we headed off to see one of our other favorite-est couples:  The Whitakers! We love them.  And their son.  If I have a  little girl someday I hope she marries Cale.  He is precious.

::This is a picture from Christmas of their adorable son Cale::

He's a keeper, am I right?

Needless to say ((although I think I've said it a million times in this post)) it was a wonderful weekend!


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