Monday, February 14, 2011

{v-day love}

Happy Valentines Day my friends!  As you celebrate (or don't celebrate) the holiday, I hope you dwell on what love truly is:

This valentine's day, Ben & I are in the middle of a move & he is furiously working to finish up his training, sooooo we may not be celebrating v-day in the traditional style.  However, we have plans this weekend to make up for the lost time today!  hoooorayy!

So today, in the absence of my man, I traded a little v-day love with fellow blogger/etsy shop owner, Stacie.

I participated in a Valentine's Day Card exchange that was put on by a fellow blogger, Caroline, at Good Times Never Seem Sew Good.  

I sent a sweet little valentine off to this lady.

and in return, received a little v-day love from Stacie.  You can check out her cute little shop here. She has some really fun re-purposed jewelry.  
Check out the card she made me:

Thanks Caroline & Stacie!

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Flea Market Gal Stacie said...

Thank you Ashley for the kind words :)
Happy Valentine's Day

{av} said...

So excited to get yours in the mail...jumping at the chance to open my mailbox tonight! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! xoxo {av}