Thursday, February 3, 2011

snowed in & sewing fun

Like most of you, I have been kind of "snowed-in" the past few days.  I think it has really been a blessing in disguise for me!  I have been able to slow my pace down a little & get working on things around the house.  Yesterday I did a little winter cleaning & went through things that we don't need anymore to either give away or throw away.  It always feels soooo good to simplify our lives a bit--and with as much as we move, we have a lot of motivation to pack lightly.
Today, I am actually going to brave the weather for a bit and send off some orders from my shop.
Then, I am off to pick up my friend Zula for a little sewing lesson!  I love teaching friends to sew and share in a craft that I find so much pleasure in!  I'll let you know how it goes!

As far as the shops go, you have probably seen some of the fun giveaways I have had going on.  I am really excited as Ben & I feel the Lord has really been blessing the business lately & helping me to get a little more exposure in the handmade world!  I am always amazed when I get a sale or when a customer sends kind words my way describing a purchase they received!

Fairy Tutu Set - 4T

Today, you can find me doing a little guest blogging for Jana (my first time, in fact!) over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam.    I basically got to talk about the ministry I support, Heartline in Haiti!  Such a cool ministry, filled with lots of really amazing people, like this lady.

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