Monday, March 21, 2011

Bob's Got a Girlfriend

Yes that's right.  In God's divine wisdom, He found us some wonderful friends who live just a block away from us who also have a Husky.  Her name is Keco (short for Kevin Costner).  See? It really is divine, they both have ridiculous names, no where near suited for a Husky.  

Bob & Keco like to go for playdates & walks together.  Keco still has to wear a muzzle--being a woman she can get a little "moody" at times, but don't be fooled, she and Bob are meant to be.  *wink*

Here's a pic of the two romping around in the snow.  Oh, yea it snowed last week...Monday, I think?  and a few days later it was 70 degrees.  Weird weather is one thing Missouri & Texas have in common. 

And Bob...couldn't resist this one: he's always got that long, silly tongue hanging out.

Now wish me luck; I'm taking him to the vet today & I have a sneaking suspicion he's not going to like it.  

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