Tuesday, March 1, 2011

coming up for air

I know I've been kind of MIA on the blog for the past several days.  I decided this morning to climb up from under all the packing paper to let you guys know---we are still alive & well!  Maybe we are a little scattered & overwhelmed with all the unpacking & Ben figuring out his new job BUT we are here. I have to remind myself each day that little by little we will get it all unpacked & I won't be drowning in packing paper forever (insert sigh of relief here).

Outside of unpacking, (who really enjoys hearing about that?)  we have had a few REALLY encouraging interactions.  I mean, REALLY encouraging.

We've met 6 families so far, 5 of whom have a member who will be working directly with Ben & who all desire to find/foster a solid church body & who enjoy talking with us about things like this.  Really?!  Seriously, we have been floored by the potential community we have here.  And this is only day 8 of being here. It's obvious God is doing something really amazing out in the middle of nowhere Missouri.  And we are excited to be along for the ride.

I'm working on several orders today,---3 custom diaper bags (thoughts on bringing those back to the shop?) and lots of wristlets.  Oh yea, and did I mention, I'll be unpacking boxes for the next year??? :)


rebeltarian.com said...

I hope all the unpacking goes smoothly!

Great news about the community. It seems that God is truly directing where y'all are planted!

Jacki said...

I am so glad to hear that it is going so well for y'all!!

I am going to need you to post pictures of your little casaita. :)