Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Painting 101}

I am thinking of starting a little mini series of our home improvement mishaps  ahem... I mean, accomplishments.  We are trying to make this casa feel more like "home" than probably any of our previous homes because we know we are going to be here a while & would like to feel settled.  So with that said, introducing  DIY Wednesdays!

{Painting 101}::

Here's what not to do:

-DON'T buy 3 gallons of a paint you have not tried out before hand & have only seen on the sample card in the washed out lighting of Lowes.  Seriously, don't.


-Sample. Sample. Sample.

You smart people, probably are already adept at that skill & are thinking, really?! you didn't sample first?!  Nope.   Instead I bought three gallons of purple paint that was supposed to be grey.  Score one for team Carter.

-DON'T paint the whole living room with said purple paint, thinking the purple will magically go away once it fully dries.  It only gets more purple-y.


-Sample. Sample. Sample.

See a pattern here?  Sampling saves time & money.  Sampling keeps you from having to re-paint an entire living room the very next day. :)

Here is the final non-purple-y product ::: I REALLY wish I took a picture of the purple walls--just imagine Lilac all over the place--but I think we were too disgusted at the time to even think it was funny. Ohh the joys of trial & error home improvement. :)


Erin Bolton said...

Well it looks very nice now! Ha, thanks for going through this first. Now I know what to do when we finally get a place we can paint!

Rhonda said...

This is a great story! LOL!!! Your grey looks grey no doubt!! nice job! Likeyour new sofa too! LU:))

Piper said...

I've totally made this mistake before--except mine was worse! I order carpet online and it looked beige... when it arrived it was totally yellow. Gross vomit yellow. Thankfully they took it all back!

Justin and Laura said...

This made me laugh so hard! Totally done this--except with nasty mint green. It was AWFUL. I'm so into gray right now--I want to use gray/yellow for a girls room and gray/navy/white for a boys room. I just love it!