Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Wardrobe Coffee Table}

Ben and I were given a ridiculously large (I was going to say hunormous, but apparently that's not a real word) wardrobe from the 1800's this weekend from some friends in the neighborhood.  It was just taking up space in their garage, needing some TLC, so we immediately took them up on their offer to take it off their hands!

This is a picture of the wardrobe on it's side.  Originally we were just going to use the whole wardrobe as a coffee table, sitting on it's side as is; once we got it on it's side we realized it was WAY to large to be a coffee table as is.  This is when the DIY part came into play.  We decided that the perfect coffee table would be about half its size.  Ben thought if he unscrewed all the rusted latches we could easily divide it into two parts & use one as a coffee table.  Well that didn't happen. It never happens quite so easily in a DIY. Our Dremel came to the rescue, and Ben ended up cutting through all the metal latches to divide it in half.

 Here's one half of the wardrobe, standing up right---pretty sweet!  uhh...and purple-y.

 We took one half and simply laid it down with the purple-y interior facing the floor (no more purple for this house!) Ben and I had just scored a sweet Pepsi crate at the flea market that went perfectly with the look of the wardrobe.  AND it's great for storing remotes & such.

The unfinished but progressing living room. It wouldn't be complete without Bob. That's one of his favorite spots.  His other favorite is that couch in the back of the picture.  He thinks we bought it just for him.  I always find traces of Bob hair on it when we have been away from the house.  
Nice try Bob ;)


Justin and Candace Evans said...

love it! it looks great!

cking said...

I love the fact that you can put your feet on the coffee table and not worry about nicks, etc. You are so creative! (By the way, one of my favorite shows in Design on a Dime. You are following their theme.)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

v cool! it looks great, such a nice unique piece. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams