Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Wardrobe Wall Art}

Welcome to part deux of DIY Wednesday feauturing 
{the Wardrobe}

Go here if you missed part one and would like to catch up. 

I didn't know a lot about wardrobes when we acquired ours, but as we explored the ins and outs of our new friend, we discovered that it came with lots and lots of wood slats in odd shapes and sizes.  We learned that these served as hangers for clothing & pants; however I'm not sure about the ones pictured below.  They look more like anchors to me. Someone out there care to give me a hand on this one?  I'd love to know what they were meant for.  
Anyway, all I know is that they were meant as some sort of hanging device that would now be useless to us & our modern suitcases.  

So of course, rather than throw them out, my clever husband came up with a wonderful idea as to how we could use them.  And thus begins. DIY Wednesday {Wardrobe Wall Art}.

  assorted wardrobe hangers
finishing nails

The hubs and I used a circular mirror as our centerpiece.  Moving outward from this, we developed a pattern of assorted hangers.  The mirror also served to control the diameter of the pattern we had in mind.  

Once the mirror was in place, we leveled and hammered in the first hanger, securing it at three different places. This served as the base of our "pentagon pattern".  

Unfortunately, from this point on, I couldn't really take pictures as we went along because in order to hang each piece of the pentagon correctly it took all four of our hands.  If you need a good visual, just imagine trying to play Twister on the wall.  It took all the coordination & stretching of my short appendages that I could muster up!  

Once we had the pentagon completed, we could then add on our "embellishment" hangers-- These were my favorite pieces to hang & I feel they added just the right touch! 

Re-hanging the mirror-- a perfect centerpiece!

And there you have it!  Wardrobe wall art. 

This project cost us all of $1.47 for the finishing nails :)


Amanda and Andrew LeJeune said...

cool! very unique.

Jacki said...

That's wonderful!!!!!!! Can you send me some wardrobe hangers, please?

Hip Hop Hapoffs said...

I love it! That is so cool!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow!! that's super cute!! and so cheap too!!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! You all are so creative.