Friday, March 11, 2011

{meet bob}

Hi, my name is Bob, I am a really handsome husky & am almost one year old.  A few days ago, my new mom & dad saw my ad in the newspaper and tried to adopt me.

My foster parents had to tell them that they had just given me away to another family.   :(   Mom & dad were really sad that they had lost their one chance at getting the dog of their dreams (I'm quite a catch, ya know).  Little did I know, that my new mom (I think her name is Ashley, or something like that) started praying that it wouldn't work out between me & the other family.  She prayed that somehow I would get to come home to live with her & dad.

Well, guess what?!  GOD IS GOOD & He heard my mom's prayer. I hear He is in the business of doing that sort of thing.  My foster mom came & rescued me from what was not a good situation & to my utter dog delight, placed me in a home with Ben & Ashley.  Now I have a big back yard, I can go running with my dad, Ben & can take long walks with my mom (she's not much of a runner).  I am having so much fun sniffing out my new family & running up and down stairs & all around the yard.  On my walks, I like to pull my mom around, sorta in a zig zag pattern--it's fun to watch her trip on herself.

Welp, that's me.  I'm Bob.  Now off to mark my territory ;)


Mandy said...

you are so cute bob!!!! <3 :)

Whitney said...

Awww! Bob, we must come meet you soon! Teddy would just love to have a playdate with you. You have some pretty sweet parents, Bob, I know you are going to love your forever home! Just a word to the wise, Bob, no eating your mom's plants or pretty fabric...or your dad's work materials for that matter ;).

Jacki said...

OH MY GOOOOODNESSS!!!!!! You finally got one! He is precious. I like his name.
Mason + Bob = BFF

Piper said...

Hi BOB!!!!!!! I'm Camper. I hope you like your new home. (Check for biscuits under the sink. They always hide them there.) Woof.

Linden said...

If you look back at some of Ben's middle school birthday cards or notes he wrote to his friends, you'll find he used the word Bob a lot. I think it's always been a favorit name of his. He use to use it as a username for things... that and the word "moo cow" which i'm very surprise he didn't name ya'lls husky that.

Dennis said...

(Foster Mom here)

Hi Bob: We held on for the right home and you hit the jackpot. I am so happy that both our dreams for you came true. Be a good boy and take care of your mom and dad. It just goes to show that we should never give up on our hopes and dreams.