Thursday, March 10, 2011


I don't know how you feel, but for us it seems the past few weeks have completely flown by! It's hard to believe that next week will mark a month since we started our journey to Missouri. I wasn't able to catch all the memories on film, but the with the few that I did, I felt a recap was in order, starting with....

Ben's graduation from his tech school! {One of the most monumental events of the year for us, which completely summed up God's faithfulness over our lives & in Ben's work}
The icing on the cake was when we found out that morning that Ben's grandparents were driving in to town to celebrate with us!

Oh, and did I mention that my hubby was the Distinguished Grad for his class? no? well he was!
{a wife has to gush with pride every now & again}

{the handsome grad & me}

From graduation we packed our cars, cleaned house & got on the road a day later making stops in: Fort Worth, Oklahoma & Kansas City. We had a lot of fun taking our time & enjoying pit stops, some of which included seeing sweet friends & family!

I only remembered to take pictures in KC, we walked around downtown a lot in a thing called the "Link"--it was a great way to get from one attraction to another!

{Union Station & the Link}

And finally, we made our way home to our final destination & were pleasantly surprised to receive housing on the first day! {When we had heard it could take 30 days!}

Our first week in town & in our new house, God decided it would be good to send us a snow! And we totally agreed! Being from TEXAS, we were like giddy little children :)

and this pretty much recaps our time up until we arrived in MO---I am thinking of painting the house this weekend {eeek!} so wish me luck & maybe, just maybe I will post before & after pics next week. That is, if I actually get it done this weekend ;)


Piper said...

Yeah!! So glad you live in Missouri!
Looking forward to seeing you this Spring!

TheMAN said...

I like your recap! The pictures are great!