Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annoucements & a Winner!

A few exciting changes are coming to the shops & I am SO happy to tell you about them!  If you know me, you know that by nature I am not a business lady.  I don't have a "big picture" type of mind...I am ALL over the details, but often forget what the details are working toward, ect...all I can say is, good thing I have my hubby to keep me in line ;)  Somehow it always works out.  But anyway, not being the greatest "big idea" planner, I really didn't start my businesses out with any foresight or goals in mind besides just getting to do something I enjoy.  While, I think that's a VERY important goal to have in any job, there are some other goals & things to think out, well that I just didn't. haha! Live & Learn.  With that said, for a while now, I have really wanted my shops to come under one umbrella.  I feel that in design & name they have always been really separate, yet in my heart & in their purpose they are so alike.  That said, I enlisted this incredibly talented lady, Savannah of Maie Dae Designs to help me make the brands more unified & cohesive.  

And I think we have done just that!  Soooo are you ready for this?

Ashley Carter Designs & My Little Sunshine Fabric 

are now:  

my little sunshine handmade
my little sunshine : a fabric shop

"My Little Sunshine" is now the umbrella for both my shops & I couldn't be more pleased with the idea of coming under the same name, which is a dear one to me, inspired by my creative grandmother, Sunshine AND can you get over the ridiculously cute graphics for the shops?  no? me either!

Ready to go shopping?  



Now, with all that excitement out of the way-- Let's get to even more exciting things--our giveaway winner!

(sidenote: i was having trouble getting the generator to show the number it generated, so if for some reason it doesn't show the number, I PROMISE it was #47.  NO lie. 


BB Goad said...

congrats to the winner!

mandiegirl said...

I'm such a details person in my business, without looking & planning ahead, too! Ugh. Was just talking to a friend last night about this- I love the sewing & designing part, but am pretty terrible at everything else!

Love the new banners!

Lindsay Conner said...

Very cute banners!

megan said...

Love it!

Kate said...

Yay, I am so excited!! Thanks so much! I'm emailing you now :)

Piper said...

Hooray for Kate!! Thanks for the fun giveaway Ashley!

Erin Bolton said...

You're so cute! I love the no losers here coupon code.

On another note, I just met someone who works at Barksdale who went to intelligence training with Ben. Her name is Sarah, but I'm not 100% sure of her last name. She's married to a B-52 pilot (well, he's going to be...he's in class with Tobin). :) Thought that was neat. I guess maybe the world of Air Force officers isn't very big!