Monday, April 25, 2011

My First Craft Show

I had my very first craft show experience this weekend with the lovely, Sandy a la Mode.

The show didn't have the traffic we had hoped for so not a ton of sales, but it was a good learning experience & we had a great time with Sandy & her husband! 

Sandy & I shared a booth--a shot of our booth :)

a closeup of some of my headbands, clips & props--love the old pepsi crate that i used for hair clips

rosette barrettes in fun spring colors--soon to be added to the shop!

simple pleated totes--another new item i plan to add to the shop soon!  hanging them along the wall was an impromptu decision that thankfully worked out well! tip: always bring extra rope ;)

bringing back the hobo satchel in some fun spring designs! the satchel is displayed on a bamboo tripod that ben devised :)

more pleated totes, i looooooved the way they looked against the brick wall!

Sweet Shot Day

my most popular item:: windswept wristlets!  

another angle of the display, i used chalkboard signs to display my name & pricing :)

i love my husband!  he endured a day full of craft fair goodness all in support of me:) and helped me with some cool displays that i could not have done without him!
Overall it was a really good learning experience.

Things I took away:

1. Make sure you know your venue & what kind of crowd it will draw.  This was the biggest problem of this fair.  It seemed the persons in charge didn't advertise well or much & thus there wasn't much traffic.  Also, it wasn't a "handmade only" fair, so there was a lot of disparity between what Sandy & I were selling & what others were selling--I thinking having more cohesive vendors might draw a better crowd. I don't know, just a first timer's thoughts ;)

2. Know your space.  Set up a demo- I did a mini demo & this time it worked out pretty well, but I think I could do a better job in the future of doing a mock set-up before hand.  Specifically with my purses & totes...I felt there was too much distance between them & our vendor table.

3. Always bring business cards.  I was able to hand out business cards to a lot of the other vendors & also the people who came to the fair--I've already connected with a couple of other sellers through my biz cards, so I was happy about that!

4. Have fun & bring fun people with you.  My husband, Sandy & her husband made the fair for me.  Having fun people around helps to pass the slow times & keeps you encouraged even when you may not be bringin in the big bucks ;)

5.  I decided to try out a lot of new products for the fair.  Even though I didn't see a huge amount of sales, I did note what the people who stopped by were looking at & this helped give me a good idea of what might go over well in the shop!

All in all, I had a fun time.  I really didn't know if this fair would have a good turnout & I guess my suspicions were right, so I wasn't really all that disappointed.  Besides, like I said--I had FUN people with me to pass the time ;)  We also went to Oklahoma Joe's with Sandy & her husband after the fair, so all in all we left having had a lot of fun, met up with sweet people & with full bellies. 
 And that my friends, is success.


Ocean Soul said...

Good for you for actually going out there and doing the craft fair! Lots of people think about it but don't actually do it! And now you have one under your belt, you obviously learned lots and the next craft fair, you will be all the wiser and probably richer!!! Your bags and totes are beautiful!

Anika said...

LOVE those totes! I am getting ready to start my first farmers market and loved seeing your shots. Thanks for that and the wise words!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a great set-up! everything looks fantastic :) xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

I've had this problem at fairs before too, but it's always a good learning experience and at least you had fun!

alicia said...

Very cool finds.

Lizzi said...

Love your booth! I think I'd like to buy one of everything.

Susan said...

Oh my, you are soooooooooo talented!

Wish I could of come♥

Kim said...

Beautiful fabrics and crafts!

BB Goad said...

Your booth is beautiful, I love the old Pepsi crate & chalk boards :)

Mandy said...

Your display was amazing! So fun and full of color. :) I would have been drooling over your stuff for sure. I've done craft fairs as well and it is good to go into it hoping for lots of sales but knowing it may not happen - it is always a good experience. And you never know who picked up your business card and might purchase something in the future! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

it was sooo great hanging out with you and ben! i had such a great time! your tips are RIGHT on! i can't wait for our july show and possibly another lunch/dinner date!! ;)

Connie said...

Great displays! Too bad it didn't rake in the moola, but practice makes perfect! Thanks for sharing pics & tips!

Holly Southerland said...

Hey chica! You go girl!! Ok, love the display & how your sweet husband helped! Who knew that this guy you kept running into & talking to in the library in college would turn out to be your husband, and what a fab duo that Team Carter would be! Also- love the display and the photos. And the crate... and it all...! My first fair wasn't anything to write home about either but like you said, you learn & you have fun anyways. :)

Lori said...

Your set up is so good! I'm sorry the fair itself wasn't an overall success but I'm glad you learned a lot. Your totes/clutches are so cute! Love the fabrics and colors!

Lindsay Conner said...

Hi Ashley! I wanted to let you know that I've featured your craft show tips over at Craft Buds this week. :)