Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Not so DIY Wednesday...

You'll have to excuse me, I haven't had ANY time to put together a DIY for today.  But that doesn't mean my hands haven't been busy with lots of creating!

I am getting ready for my VERY FIRST Craft Show this weekend (yay!!) and have been drowning in fabric bits, strands of thread & lots of to-dos!

This baby has literally been on & running for the better part of most days.
the buffet is spilling over with clutches.  i may or may not have moved my craft room to the dining room for the week :)

lots of new totes & pretty fabrics

these little guys are soon to be display signs for the big show!  
And that's what I've been doing & will be doing until Saturday!  

I will probably be MIA on the blogosphere until then, so have a very Happy Easter & a wonderful weekend.  

I am thankful that HE IS RISEN!

Will post pics of the Craft Show next week!  


crownedbygrace photography said...

super awesome! will be praying 4 your craftshow!

-julian :)

Holly Southerland said...

girl look at all those clutches! you been working hard to crank all those out! way to go :)