Monday, April 4, 2011

Ode to Burlap

Wanting to re-decorate on a dime?  
That's what we were going for when we moved into our new home.  I've got three words for you my friend:  

Spray Paint

These two things have been our best friends during our re-decoration process. 

Why Burlap?  It's a beautiful natural fiber that adds great texture to a home ON THE CHEAP. At $2-3 per yard you can't beat it- especially when it comes to curtain making.  
Being as we move so often, it's really useless for us to buy nice, expensive drapes or for me to spend $17 a yard for upholstery fabric to make my own.  It NEVER works out that our window layout is ever the same as it was in the house before.  Never. So, I am always looking for cheap solutions for curtain making.

Here are the new drapes in our home made from burlap and some re-purposed fabric that Ben's grandmother gave me (Thanks, Idie!)

 We also tied the burlap into our second sofa (which is our old green one that is slipcovered) with burlap pillows.
Of course, I couldn't resist making a few pillows from the new Joel Dewberry fabric I have up in the shop..I'm slightly obsessed. 

Oh yes, and I almost forgot: why I love spray paint?  

I was able to re-use ALL of our home decor items for our new look.  Previously we had a Green:Black:Yellow theme going on.  It worked mainly because our couch was green & sometimes you just gotta go with whatcha got! ;)

But when we recovered our couch (not shown), I was able to turn it to a Grey: Yellow: Cream theme with just a few cans of spray paint! Pictured items that were spray painted: vase, flowers in vase, bird cage. 

how do you re-decorate on the cheap?


Piper said...

Love this! I've been thinking about burlap drapes for our new house. And You can find burlap in all kinds of colors online!
And your spray paint comment gave me another idea... I could spray paint words or patterns on the burlap!!

BB Goad said...

love the texture burlap brings! i'm going to need drapes soon, i'll keep this in mind :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a great idea! i love the idea of burlap runners or accent pieces, v earthy and easy :) xoxo jcd:: stop by! im hosting a laura lombardi jewelry giveaway :: cornflake dreams