Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Ben & I spent the weekend with this sweet fellow military family!  Joe, Kate & Lucy.

We had a fantastic time catching up with old friends & introducing Bob & Lucy to each other.  I think Bob thought Lucy was a play toy though, so maybe that friendship didn't work out so well...

We had a great time eating, talking, playing games & we even took a 20 mile bike ride on the Katy Trail- it was beautiful and a good challenge! WARNING: 20 miles will definitely leave you with a sore bum the next day.  I think I will be spending Memorial Day relaxing these sore muscles :)

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide

(dad magnets)

(scrabble cuff-links)

(man cave sign)

(you the man mug)

(dad guitar pick)
 and this one is for the ladies! but it's also for a really great cause. a sweet lady, Rachel Porter & her hubby are raising funds to adopt a sweet baby & all proceeds from these t-shirts (and from the rest of the items in her shop) go toward bringing their baby home!  Check out
(love is rising adoption tee)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craft Show No. 2

This weekend I had my second craft show & have been dying to show you guys some pictures from the event!  

I changed my set-up a bit from the last one, which I'm sure will always happen as no booth space is quite the same.

New display items:  the turquoise & lace looking table cloth was a new addition.  I think it went really well with my products too! 

I also added one more old soda bottle box (love those!) and was able to put more rosette clips in it's little cubbies.  When I'm not using these for a craft show, they make great cubbies for keeping thread :)

Lastly, Ben & I (ok, really mostly Ben) worked all week on a new display for my purses.  That has definitely been the most challenging part of setting up a craft show display.  They need space to hang & can't overlap each other too much--and it doesn't really work to just set them up on a table.  SO last week I came up with an idea, poorly drew it out & asked Ben if he could make it happen.   And he did!  He made it even better than I had hoped, that's just how he rolls ;)

So enjoy a few pics of my display & do admire the lovely frame the handbags are hanging on :)  I feel a DIY coming tomorrow (wink*wink*)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

well i was going to...

show you some pictures of the beautiful budding rose bushes we have outside of our house & I was even going to give you a sneak peak into the bathroom re-do we have been working on this week...


my pictures have deleted themselves :(  I don't know what just happened but as I was starting to edit them, they just disappeared.  It's like Picasa was conspiring against me & blogging.    

SO instead this is going to be a little impromptu...except for the fact that I can still edit & mull over what I write before I publish it.  Otherwise, definitely impromptu.

Have you seen the new wristlets we have up in the shop?? They are pretty darn cute.  AND they are make from 100% organic cotton & linen.  We also have these same fabrics up in the fabric shop.  We have officially gone green, and you should too. So definitely check them out.  

Alsoooo some exciting changes are coming to the blog soon!! Remember how the shops got a little facelift a while back?  Well the blog was getting jealous & so I decided to give it a little TLC too & make everything all matchy-matchy.  More to come on that soon, but for now just know that it's gonna be cute.

I've got another craft show this weekend so on top of all the bathroom re-doing, soccer playing & swag-week swapping I have been hunched over the good ol' sewing machine a lot this week.

Speaking of Swag Swap Week..Have you checked out all the awesome shops involved?

No? Well you should!  I got a headband, camera strap cover, painting & two prints out of the deal! Definitely a good week for me.

Check out the participants here.

and get all the fabulous coupon codes here.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swag Swap Week Cont'd

This week I am participating ((along with 10 other amazing shops)) in something called a Swag Swap Week.  During this week these 10 artists & myself get the chance to nab some sweet eye candy from each other by making swap deals with each other.   There are some AWESOME shops involved in this swapage & knowing that you guys might want to get in on the fun, but don't have any items to swap, we are all offering discounts & coupon codes for the ENTIRE week of Swag Swap (May 15th thru May 21st).

Are you ready for this?  Here is the list of all 11 participating shops & their discount codes!! (via Yellow Heart Art)

 1. Leaf Cluch from aPearently Sew
(Score yourselves some cuties at 15% off by using SWAG15)

2. Gray & Yellow Ruffled DSLR Camera Strap Cover from Marine Parents (The Shop)
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4. Happy Birthday Printable Banner from Paper and Pigtails
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5. Light Green and Polka Dot Wristlet by Boogaboo Handmade
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6. Oh Dear Painting by Paint me a Picture
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7. Partial Bow Headband by Lillypie Accessories
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8. Pleated Hobo Satchel in Natural by My Sunshine Handmade
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9. Plain Jane Earrings by Made by Jewls
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Get some Art Prints and Necklaces at 10% off by using SWAG10 at check out!

Check out some of the goodies from participating shops in the post below.   And in case you ignored my list of discount codes (gasp!), My Little Sunshine is offering 20% off the entire shop ALL WEEK LONG!!  
Code: SWAG20

Get your swag shopping on ;)

Swag Swap Week

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well today is officially Ben's first day of being done with training! It's the first time in over 20 years that he has not been in some sort of school & had to perform for a grade.   We are SO thrilled & he has worked so hard the past 2.5 years to get to this place.  Unfortunately, today was supposed to start his celebratory weekend (I know it's Thursday, but we get strange weekends here) but somebody messed up his schedule, so he may have to work 10 days straight? Craziness, I tell you. So much for celebrating! 

So since I can't tell you what we will be doing this weekend, as it looks like it will be back to the daily grind, I'll show you a peak into what we did last weekend!  

Ben wanted to get out of town for a bit, so we took a little road trip & ended up at the Modern Art Museum in Kansas City.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of most of the artwork.  My favorite was a tapestry that had been scorched by different irons into a really cool pattern.  

Here is a picture I was allowed to take.  It is of us reflected from a stainless steel piece of artwork, for whom the credit is due, I cannot remember.

And after a lovely time at the museum we stopped for some AMAZING pizza by the slice & had red mango yogurt for dessert!!

On our excursion, Ben also got some of these...

TOE SHOES!!! They look so funny, but he loves them & apparently they really do help your run time.  He is trying to max the run on his PT test, which I think is like a 9:12 mile and a half.  Ridiculous. I am not a runner, so just that he runs a mile and a half makes me all googly eyed & amazed.

Speaking of running, I have been doing a tiny bit of running, the only kind of running I do.  The kind that involves chasing a ball.  I've been playing soccer with an intramural team ( I even got Ben to play in a few games!) that is mostly men, so I am a little out of my league, but it's been great exercise & I even scored my first goal of the season the other day!!  It made my day.

And, well that's what we've been doing...

What are your weekend plans??

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding beauty in the unexpected....

 This is the sweet little spot that Ben & I recently found to shoot product pictures at.   {See exhibit A} Truth be told, it's actually a really ugly, sketchy looking alley.  Lovely right?  Not at first glance.  But when you look a little harder there is beauty in this questionable & dirty little alley.  Even a little bit of life.  It took me several times of looking over this photo to even notice the little weed plant growing up out of the concrete.

And now I find this place to be somewhat beautiful and charming in its own little way.  

It kind of reminds me of the Lord.  He takes something broken, used, dirty & unworthy & makes it beautiful.  He brings beauty to the overlooked & unwanted & life where there is none.

Thank you Jesus.

Sweet Shot Day

New to My Little Sunshine! {fabric + handmade}

we have some new excitement going on in both of the shops this week!

are you ready for this?

hobo satchels are back for the summer
 in 3 new fresh & summer-y styles!!

I love each of these prints & think they are perfect additions to my summer collection!  The hobo satchel is  a comfortable, roomy & classy bag with sweet pleats all along it & a lovely rosette in the center to finish it off nicely! 
{shop hobo satchels}

And in the fabric shop we are SO excited to announce that our Cloud9 prints are here!!  

These are our first organic cotton prints & we could not be more thrilled to bring them to you!

{shop fabric}