Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craft Show No. 2

This weekend I had my second craft show & have been dying to show you guys some pictures from the event!  

I changed my set-up a bit from the last one, which I'm sure will always happen as no booth space is quite the same.

New display items:  the turquoise & lace looking table cloth was a new addition.  I think it went really well with my products too! 

I also added one more old soda bottle box (love those!) and was able to put more rosette clips in it's little cubbies.  When I'm not using these for a craft show, they make great cubbies for keeping thread :)

Lastly, Ben & I (ok, really mostly Ben) worked all week on a new display for my purses.  That has definitely been the most challenging part of setting up a craft show display.  They need space to hang & can't overlap each other too much--and it doesn't really work to just set them up on a table.  SO last week I came up with an idea, poorly drew it out & asked Ben if he could make it happen.   And he did!  He made it even better than I had hoped, that's just how he rolls ;)

So enjoy a few pics of my display & do admire the lovely frame the handbags are hanging on :)  I feel a DIY coming tomorrow (wink*wink*)


Mandy said...

It looks great! Love all of your props and the chalkboard signs! Gives me lots of fun ideas for the next time I do a craft fair. Hope it went well!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life

Kel said...

I love your display! gotta take some notes for mine in July!