Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Easy Coffee Sack Art}

I was at one of our local coffee shops the other day & saw some SWEET burlap coffee bags by the roaster, just waiting for their beans to be turned into coffee goodness.  The shop roasts coffee from around the world so each bag was so unique with two common links:  burlap & the smell of coffee.  That my friends, is a win-win.

I asked the owner if he would sell me one of his bags & sure enough, he did!  I decided to just snag one for the time being, but who am I kidding, I know I'll be back for more!

Soo here is what I schemed up to do with this particular bag!
Oh, and Bob helped *wink*wink*

I have a lot of old canvases with half painted pictures on them lying around, waiting for inspiration, so I grabbed one of those.

Then (lucky me) the bag was just about the same size as the canvas, so I just cut the bag into two rectangle panels at the creases. Snip, snip.

I turned the panel over with the printed side facing down & spread it out along the floor.  I then centered the canvas over it, again with the "canvas side" facing down.  

All that was left to do:: staple, staple, staple.

I slowly stapled each side of the burlap to the coordinating side of the canvas, trying to tighten the burlap around the frame as I went.  You don't want a saggy burlap picture...noooo way.  And truthfully, I could have done a better job at this--I think I will go back & re-tighten some areas around the canvas later. But for now, just know to tighten your wrapped burlap well :)

Once the stapling is done, all that's left is to turn your art over and....
Ta-da!! Easy Peasy.
Now I just need to find a home for this lovely!

Oh & can you tell I might be obsessed with burlap right now?


andrewandamanda said...

I love my burlap TOMS too!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

cool idea! i like burlap pillows too. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Julie Vu said...

I love burlap too! I have those same shoes! :D