Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hollyday Cards + Haiti Card Special

Hey Friends!  I hope your week is wrapping up splendidly :)  I wanted to let you in on some exciting happenings in the life of a very sweet friend & handmade artist.  Love to shop handmade with a purpose? Well, let me tell you how you can do just that ;)

Meet Holly:

Holly & I met through mutual friends at Texas A&M, this picture was taken of us at my wedding!  Isn't she a cutie?   Not only does this sweet little lady have a darling face, but she also makes some pretty RAD cards through her business Hollyday Cards

Holly & I both share a LOVE for crafting, but also have a heart to use our passion & abilities for purposes that further the Kingdom of God.  Many of you may know that My Little Sunshine gives 15% of our profit year around with an organization called Heartline Ministries in Haiti.  It is an organization & ministry that I have come to whole heartedly love over the past year as I have watched them (from afar) love on women & children, teach them life skills (such as pre-natal care, sewing and jewelry making), educate them & show them the abundant love of Christ. That's a cause I can get behind!

In a couple of short weeks, Holly is taking the AMAZING opportunity to go to Haiti & learn from & work with the people behind this ministry and YOU have the opportunity to help her get there!  

Here is a little window into Holly's heart behind this trip:
Just a little while longer and I get to meet this land called Haiti... this place I've had a special affection for.

Last January, an 8 year old card maker named Isabelle Redford inspired me at World Mandate, my church's annual missions conference. It was so sweet to me how she used her talents of card making to earn money that paid for orphanages to be built in Haiti. Tears wet my face and a 'yes Lord' came up inside me for whatever Jesus wanted to do with me and my own passion for cardmaking.

Last summer I learned more about creative business & ministry initiatives in Cambodia and Haiti where women who are oppressed and poor get to learn dignified crafting skills to earn income!

There's really something so satisfying about creating something with your hands and standing back and enjoying it... giving it that "yes, .... yes!" (I think God did that when He made the world & "saw that it was good." I think He gave it that double "yes.")

The thought is invigorating to me of using my passion & business of card making to introduce other women in third world countries into that unparalleled, "yes, .... yes!" when they create. And not only this, but get to spend time with and introduce women to Jesus, having opportunities to teach them to walk with Him & know His unmatched love.

And so I go to learn! I'll get to ask questions to the developers of the business arm of Heartline Ministries (which Ashley & I love to support) -- it's called Haitian Creations. I get to see it all in action -- women learning to sew and make purses to sell!

Learning from people who have done similar things before me will hopefully help light the path with wisdom for however God wants to further develop my business, Hollyday Cards, in whatever country He lands me in the future.

This card special I'm having will help send me on my way to Haiti! For $25 you get 5 all occasion cards that you can keep on hand for birthdays, sympathy, just because, or whatever else you fancy.

Thanks for your time, and may He grant you lots of fun and wisdom on the course He has for you to run! Dream big, follow Him boldly, don't be afraid to go for your passion and take risks for building God's Kingdom! Jesus is always worth it!  :)

  SO here's one way that you can be a part of what Heartline & more importantly, what Jesus is doing in Haiti.

In case you didn't catch it in her blurb, Holly is doing a card special, 5 cards for $25 (normally 5 for $30) with all the profit going to support her trip to Haiti!

Here are just a few of the lovelies you could get out of the deal:

Holly has cards for all occasions so check out her website & card special here for all the details!!

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