Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well today is officially Ben's first day of being done with training! It's the first time in over 20 years that he has not been in some sort of school & had to perform for a grade.   We are SO thrilled & he has worked so hard the past 2.5 years to get to this place.  Unfortunately, today was supposed to start his celebratory weekend (I know it's Thursday, but we get strange weekends here) but somebody messed up his schedule, so he may have to work 10 days straight? Craziness, I tell you. So much for celebrating! 

So since I can't tell you what we will be doing this weekend, as it looks like it will be back to the daily grind, I'll show you a peak into what we did last weekend!  

Ben wanted to get out of town for a bit, so we took a little road trip & ended up at the Modern Art Museum in Kansas City.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of most of the artwork.  My favorite was a tapestry that had been scorched by different irons into a really cool pattern.  

Here is a picture I was allowed to take.  It is of us reflected from a stainless steel piece of artwork, for whom the credit is due, I cannot remember.

And after a lovely time at the museum we stopped for some AMAZING pizza by the slice & had red mango yogurt for dessert!!

On our excursion, Ben also got some of these...

TOE SHOES!!! They look so funny, but he loves them & apparently they really do help your run time.  He is trying to max the run on his PT test, which I think is like a 9:12 mile and a half.  Ridiculous. I am not a runner, so just that he runs a mile and a half makes me all googly eyed & amazed.

Speaking of running, I have been doing a tiny bit of running, the only kind of running I do.  The kind that involves chasing a ball.  I've been playing soccer with an intramural team ( I even got Ben to play in a few games!) that is mostly men, so I am a little out of my league, but it's been great exercise & I even scored my first goal of the season the other day!!  It made my day.

And, well that's what we've been doing...

What are your weekend plans??


Jana said...

I want those shoes...I think it would make me more of a runner! I used to run every day practically and now I don't not even a little bit. But I have to wait until after baby now...

Holly Southerland said...


fun post :)

my weekend plans are sleeping late tomorrow, making cards, going to my favorite coffee shop & editing photos, packing for Haiti and oh yeah, leaping the ocean! ;)

laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! my weekend plans include hopefully swapping with you during the Swag Swap. ;) I adore your bags. ~Laura