Thursday, May 19, 2011

well i was going to...

show you some pictures of the beautiful budding rose bushes we have outside of our house & I was even going to give you a sneak peak into the bathroom re-do we have been working on this week...


my pictures have deleted themselves :(  I don't know what just happened but as I was starting to edit them, they just disappeared.  It's like Picasa was conspiring against me & blogging.    

SO instead this is going to be a little impromptu...except for the fact that I can still edit & mull over what I write before I publish it.  Otherwise, definitely impromptu.

Have you seen the new wristlets we have up in the shop?? They are pretty darn cute.  AND they are make from 100% organic cotton & linen.  We also have these same fabrics up in the fabric shop.  We have officially gone green, and you should too. So definitely check them out.  

Alsoooo some exciting changes are coming to the blog soon!! Remember how the shops got a little facelift a while back?  Well the blog was getting jealous & so I decided to give it a little TLC too & make everything all matchy-matchy.  More to come on that soon, but for now just know that it's gonna be cute.

I've got another craft show this weekend so on top of all the bathroom re-doing, soccer playing & swag-week swapping I have been hunched over the good ol' sewing machine a lot this week.

Speaking of Swag Swap Week..Have you checked out all the awesome shops involved?

No? Well you should!  I got a headband, camera strap cover, painting & two prints out of the deal! Definitely a good week for me.

Check out the participants here.

and get all the fabulous coupon codes here.

And if you've been eyeing something from My Little Sunshine {Handmade} make sure you take advantage of our biggest SALE yet!! 20% off with the code: SWAG20

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