Friday, June 3, 2011

I loooove maps (via Pinterest)

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!  Mine has been off to a nice start: sewing, coffee w/ friends, shipping off orders, more coffee w/ friends, and HOPEFULLY I'll get some time with my hubsy later today!  Oh & I know Bob is hoping for a walk today.  Unfortunately, the summer heat has hit so he has to wait until it cools off a bit in the evening for his adventures.


Today I am in a traveling sort of mood---maybe it's time for a vacation?  So I thought I'd share some MAP LOVE with you via my Pinterest!      I am thinking of incorporating some of these ideas in our home as Ben & I both love world geography, old maps & tend to do a lot of traveling around the country w/ the good ol' military.
wall of this idea!
this one i MUST do.  with all our moving/traveling I'd love to document it in a fun way!

I love how the map in this picture provides the color scheme for the entire room

What are some map ideas that you love?


Jacki said...

Come vacation over here!!!!! It is soo doable!

Kelly Owen said...

Oh we're a big fan of maps too! I'll have to show you Little Man's room... it's an "Explorer" theme and we used Josh's topography maps to decorate.

We also bought a world map shower curtain from Target for the kid's bathtub, which has been super fun to watch them learn the countries of the world.

One more thing I've seen done in the past that I've always thought would be neat to do: It's similar to the map of where you've been, but you put cork board over an entire wall and cover the entire thing with a map of the world. Then, slowly fill the map with push pins and small tags with names of people (such as missionaries or military families) you are praying for all over the world. It's a visual "prayer wall" so-to-speak. You can take it even further and make a little scrapbook to go with it where you have a decorative page for each person on the wall and you can write down what you're praying over them, and when the page fills up, send it to them with a care package!