Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yay for NEW Joel D. Prints!

Taking a mid-week "weekend" off with my husband?

Don't mind if I do.

So the blog is a little neglected for the next day or so, but just wanted to let you know that...

Prints from  JOEL DEWBERRY's HEIRLOOM Collection are now in the Fabric Shop!

1. Tile Flourish in Amber//2. Blockprint in Amber//3. Blockprint in Dandelion//4. Marquis in Jade

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley, Enjoyed your blog! Yay!
Hey,nice looking child y'all have; he's a little hairy:)
Hey, trying to get your new home address, got something for you!
Looks like God is doing wonderful things in your life; isn't He truly AMAZING!!! I'm not sure what I'm doing here; I'm still not computer savvy:( Chuck guided me! We are all well; Alex has changed her major to Nursing/PA. She seems to enjoy this much better than Architect! God works it all according to His plan!!! Maybe you can email us your address. Hey, love your fabrics, I'm considering a couple of them. Take care and God Bless y'all! Adios from Pensacola!