Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Festivities

In true Carter form (at least these days) we celebrated the Fourth on the First.  Ben worked yesterday and all weekend long, so the First really was the only feasible day for us to celebrate anyway.

Good thing there was a firework show that day & some fun parties going on, otherwise we would have been popping cracklers & lighting roman candles in our backyard & lookin' a fool, like we got our dates confused!

Our neighbors cooked up delicious kabobs & burgers which we gladly indulged ourselves in.

We swatted flies left and right while they swarmed our food.  Literally swarmed.  It's ridiculous how many flies we have in the midwest.  

The finished deliciousness.

Aren't these the cutest patriotic cupcakes??  We totally mooched off neighbor food all night long.  And it was great.

Fireworks.  This just happens to be my one decent shot out of 20.  Whoever came up with the firework setting on cameras is crazy-that thing does not work.  It turns a perfectly good firework into a laser light show if you ask me.  


Susan said...

Well you just made me real hungry.

Awesome shots and your girl is just adorable.

Hope you have a great day.

Cedar said...

Great shots! I kind of like the laser light show look, but your capture is great!

Katie said...

Stumbled on your blog from Wild & Precious...love it! You're so creative and I LOVE your bags!!! Aaaaand I may be in love with Bob! We have a husky and I'm obsessed :)